Growing a full and healthy beard is like maintaining excellent hair. The work is not hard although constant and rewarding. In fact, following the easy steps below will help you stand out. Healthy looking beards require regular maintenance and care.

Just a few things to keep in mind that you can easily incorporate into your everyday lifestyle. We get many questions from our customers about this daily, so we created a simple and straightforward guide on maintaining your beard.

Incorporating these steps into your grooming routine will ensure a healthy growing beard hair. Start with washing and conditioning on a daily basis. Then incorporate the following steps. 

  1. Start with a good beard wash & conditioner
  2. Visit your trusted regular barber for trimming. Avoid trimming your self.  
  3. Brush on a regular basis with a fine brush. 
  4. Apply a "Beard Oil" or "Beard Balm" or both.
  5. Contact our team for further advice on how to use certain products and when if needed.