Baxter Of California Beard Line Up Shave Gel 100Ml Of

Baxter of California Beard Line Up Shave Gel 100ml

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  • Transparent Shave Gel

This clear, non-foaming shave gel allows you to see where you are shaving so that you can shave with ease. Aloe Vera provides the calming hydration essential to soothe skin, while vitamins C & E help fight off irritation and discomfort that all guys have experienced when shaving. It is even designed for water-free shaving usage. Whether it is a beard style, mustache, sideburns, neck clean up or a full shave, you can now put it all on the line. This liquid formula does not clog your razor blade and can be used with our new Three and Five Blade Cartridge Razors. Features a Mint Cooling Sensation.

2018 Men’s Health Grooming Award for Best Innovation

2018 GQ Grooming Awards for Best Shave Gel

  • Aloe Vera
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Vitamin C & E
  • Maximum Visibility
  • Paraben-Free


  • Cleanse and prep area to be shaved with Daily Face Wash, Facial Scrub and Shave Tonic.
  • Can be applied to dry or wet skin.
  • For Full Shave – Work thin layer of gel into hair or onto desired shaving area.
  • For Trim – Lay the gel on line over desired shaving areas to shape and design.
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